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Transition Kingston Meet-up

transition-towns-power-point-for-natural-historyI had the chance to go to a meeting of Transition Kingston recently. It was an informal get-together where those interested in meeting other like-minded Kingstonians could have a beer and talk about energy, sustainability or whatever. We mostly talked about alternative energy and the problems with peak oil. One subject that came up was the possibility that as oil becomes harder to get, we will be willing to take greater ‘risks’ to get it. ‘Risks’ in this case can mean environmental or political, such as fighting wars.

Germany has reponded to the disaster in Fukashima by pretty much planning to shut down their nuclear power system. They plan to use 80% renewable energy by around the middle of this century.

I enjoyed the discussion and especially meeting other people that are into this stuff (now I just have to find a Zombie Squad chapter in town). However, I am looking forward to spending time working on the things that I can change. Energy policies and peak oil are big things that I can’t affect but I can at least grow more or my own food or learn some new skill like cheese-making. The picture below makes it clear.



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