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2522043090_b71523e1ba_zReskilling is a phrase you might have heard of. The idea is that, due to peak oil/economic problems/etc, we will be living in a world that is very different from the one we live in now. Energy will be more expensive, communities (and even nations) will have to produce more things locally and as a result, people will need to have more practical skills to survive and thrive. What we’re mostly talking about is skills our great-grandparents would have taken for granted. Things like preserving food, carpentry, fixing a machine.

I have taken an interest in growing food, for the most part. I have pickled cucumbers (as a kid I actually didn’t know that pickels were made from cucumbers), done a lot of cooking from scratch, and done some drying of herbs. I plan to get a dehydrator. (This is a great site for learning about the wonders of dehydrating). I would like to investigate value added food products like making beer/wine, cheese, kefir or even kombucha. I guess I’m a little food obsessed.

I’ve never been much of a mechanic or builder of any kind but in the future I may try to hammer a nail or two in the future.



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