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3 Ways to use Your Endless Kale Harvest


It appears that I may have planted too much Kale this year. I started a bunch of plants from seed and they have taken off since going in the ground. At first I just had one recipe for Kale but I have quickly found out I would need some more. Here are the 3 recipes I’ve tried so far.

  1. Fried/Steamed Kale

    I just take some coconut oil, throw in some chopped up onions and garlic and fry them for a few minutes. Then I slice the Kale into strips (about 1 inch) and throw them in and cover the pan for a few more minutes. Then salt and pepper. Then I take some water which has already been boiled from the kettle and pour in a bit and cover it again. I repeat that step 2 or 3 times while stirring everything around. By the time it’s done there is little or no water in the pan and it’s ready to serve.

  1. Kale in Soup

    Any soup I make (which is now always with bone broth as a base) can have Kale added to it. When I lived in Poland, where Kale is not very common, I got used to putting Savoy Cabbage in my soups – also very nice. Kale is a similar kind of ingredient. (I imagine one would have to find ways to use up big old heads of Savoy Cabbage too). This is probably the second biggest way to use up large harvests of Kale after #1.

  1. Kale Chips

    I just tried this yesterday. I followed this recipe and I found my oven was a little to hot for 12 minutes cooking time so I did the second batch for only 9 minutes and they turned out better (not bitter). I have to say, of the 3 methods, this last one is my least favorite. It seems more labor intensive and doesn’t have the flavour I’m used to enjoying with Kale. I try to keep things as simple and as fast as possible in the kitchen, at least on an average day. It’s 10% laziness, 40% practicality and 50% because I have little tolerance for pretentiously complex recipes (due to #1 and #2). In the case of Kale chips, the recipe isn’t so complex it’s just that it’s a lot of work for something that doesn’t really float my boat.kalechips



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