Permaculture on the Edge

More is happening on the edge …


What is ‘Permaculture’ and why would it be on the edge?

Permaculture is a system of design for creating permanent (i.e. sustainable) human habitats. What is ‘sustainable’? From and energy analysis perspective, something is sustainable if it can produce everything it needs to maintain and to replicate itself. For example, a tree.

But when we bring humans into the equation, ‘sustainable’ must involve an ethic. That ethic (which is part of Permaculture) is:

1. Care of the earth

2. Care for people

3. Return of surplus (back to the furtherance of the first two ethics)


So Permaculture can involve anything from growing a backyard garden to building houses, waste treatment, renewable energy or economics. This blog is a place where I can record some of the things I am learning about Permaculture and local food.


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